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Host, Entrepreneur and World-renowned Spiritual Teacher

Muzi Cindi has been involved in Spiritual work since his initial born again experience of 1979. On August 2007 He had a profound Spiritual Encounter. This experience dissolved his own Evangelical identity and radically transformed the course of his spiritual path. This year of 2019 He is celebrating 12 years of his New Awakening and 40 years of a Spiritual Evolutionary journey that has now made him a Universal Spirituality Teacher, a Business Entrepreneur, a Church Consultant, a Writer, A Spiritual activist and a Blogger. His spiritual evolution has now taken him beyond the Theism-Atheism dichotomy.

His previous books include: Do not believe what I believe (2008), Thinking / Talking about God (2009), The Second Coming of Christ (2010), and the newly revised Jesus for A Digital Age 2018). All these books are now available from Amazon on both kindle and hard copies.


Forty years ago I had “a born again” AWAKENING that made me realise that I had a calling upon my life. Two years later I was ordained a Pastor and started studying the Bible zealously. Thirty years ago, on January 1989, I started my new secular job East of the Gauteng Province. This was after my total disillusionment with the failed rapture event of the previous September 1988. I had awakened out of my illusions. I had a serious God crisis. Me and the Christian God started going our separate ways. I entered my own wilderness without a path for a future. I didn’t even know that I was busy making a path, just by walking in a pathless wilderness. I was living my questions.

I didn’t known then that what I called God was a very minuscule part of One Universal Consciousness. It had not yet been revealed to me that the Christian God was as REAL as Brahman to Hindus, Allah to Moslems, Tao to Taoists, Mazda to Persians, Zeus to ancient Greeks, Olympus to Romans, Yahweh to Jews and so on. These all emanate from the ONE Universal Consciousness. I knew nothing of Evolutionary Spirituality then. This revelation came after the AWAKENING of August 2007 to me. It was Process Theologians who later informed me that my God evolution was the integral part of the Evolutionary process itself. I later learned that my life was evolving just as it should. There are no right or wrong paths in my life. Everyone I met in my past were the exact people I was meant to meet. This gave me inner peace.
I was not aware that the Universe was actually calling me to the East. I was later assigned the whole Eastern part of South Africa as a marketing agent. Ten years later I got another job and was assigned to relocate to the Eastern part of the Country. After my AWAKENING of 17 August 2007 in the EAST, I started travelling extensively to the East, starting with India September of that year. I then went to India, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, etc. I met Scholars from different spiritual paths and my awakening took on a deeper traction. Since 17 August 2007, my thinking about God became totally atheistic and mystical. Only atheistic Theologians and Scholars made sense to me. I felt liberated to search deeply into the nature of Ultimate Reality without any dogmatic inhibitions.

The East has now become epicentre and signpost for the NEW AWAKENING that humanity is entering. The East has been for centuries the holy, the sacred, the source of life. Not only does the sun rise in the East, so does Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, Atisha, Boddhidharma, Chuang Tze, Kabir, Lao Tzu, Tailopa, Baul mystics etc. The East has produced thousands of mystics who have awakened humanity. The sun of wisdom for the next generations is rising from the East again.

This 2019, after forty years I reflect on the “me” of forty years ago. That “me” would have thought the “me” of today very insane for believing what I believe (or no longer believe). Yet the “me” of today is living more abundantly and peacefully in every way possible compared to the “me” of forty years ago. The “me” of 2019 was totally unimaginable forty years ago.

Buddhist Scholars taught me that the most magical moments of my life would come out of confusion and darkness. It is when we are feeling uncomfortable, unhappy and unfulfilled that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers, said renowned Psychologist, Dr. Scot M Peck. Some people asked me why after all this do I still bother writing a book about Jesus?

I’m forever grateful to my Grand-parents for introducing me to Jesus at the age of 2, even before I became self-conscious. I still have memories of my Grand Father sitting me and my brother at the front and back of his bicycle and cycling us to Church in the early 60’s. Having a bicycle then was a sign of great wealth. I didn’t know then that the Christ Consciousness was a part & parcel of my life that will never leave me nor forsake me.

Jesus has been extremely nice to me. I sometimes wish that the followers of Jesus were as nice as Jesus has been nice to me. I did not know that when Jesus said I would be persecuted by people, that the same people would be his followers. Jesus saved me from anguish & pain at a time when my tender soul was fragile and vulnerable to so much brokenness. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I never had the upbringing my Grand-parents gave me?

After my AWAKENING of 17 August 2007, my “Jesus Consciousness” grew exponentially. I have now outgrown the Jesus concept of my youth. When I was a child I embraced BELIEFS about Jesus like a child. Jesus Scholars from the Jesus Seminar and various Scholars from different religions have given me back the assurance of living, moving and having my life inside this GREAT MYSTERY. I was recently made aware that what native Americans knew as the inexplicable GREAT MYSTERY of all existence was changed to “The Great Spirit”.

THE CHRIST is not a person. IT is a Spirit MYSTERY inside all forms of evolution. For CHRISTIANS the decisive revelation of this MYSTERY is through a person named Jesus of Nazareth. For Buddhist it is their Buddha nature. For Hindus it is the ATMAN (the indwelling God). For Taoists it is THE ETERNAL TAO that can not be named. For Jews it is YHWH. For materialists scientists it is PURE ENERGY. Whatever name or no-name you use, this MYSTERY fills us all with awe and wonder.

I know know Jesus as a human archetype of MYSTERY who came to empower me to also walk in my Divinity which is expressed out of my full humanity, in the Digital Age we have all entered. It still boggles my mind how some people still insist on using the consciousness and gadgets of a Digital Age to promote antiquity outdated dogmas about religion and Jesus!

After Forty years of a walk that took me to all kinds of turns, detours, cul de sacs, shocks, despairs and wondrous amazement I AM NO LONGER NEEDY FOR ANYTHING!
# I AM now much happier since I no longer expect people to understand me. I no longer live with expectations and attachments. I no longer desire that the universe be different from the way it is. I do not desire that YOU be different from who you are NOW. I don’t desire to be different from who I AM either. I don’t desire happiness, love & validation from anyone.
# I DON’T NEED YOU to say or do anything to me in order for me to BE Happy, Contented, Fulfilled, Validated, Joyous, etc.
# I no longer think any Church, Temple, Mosque, Religion, Philosophy, Belief System, Dogmatic Formulation or any Denomination whatsoever can capture or corner THE TRUTH that is behind the ineffable MYSTERY of existence.
I’m always reminded of two verses by the Apostle Paul that speaks into what has become of my life:
“By the GRACE of God I AM WHAT I AM”
“My GRACE is sufficient for YOU”
Madame Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) is one of the greatest English Mystics. When she was 30, She suffered a severe illness and thought She was on her deathbed. She then had an epiphany where She wrote this famous quote:
_________ “ALL shall be well and all shall be well. All manner of things shall be well…..For there is a force of LOVE moving through the Universe, this force holds us fast and it will never let us go”

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